Privately Verify your token & NFT ownership with POMP

Through our recent partnership with POMP, we have introduced a secure and private means for users to confirm ownership of their on-chain assets, including tokens and NFTs. This verification process involves minting a zkCertificate on POMP's platform and linking it to their AsMatch profile.

Upon successfully bonding a zkCertificate, users will attain a verified badge on their profile, visible to others. This serves as a safe and reliable method to showcase your on-chain activity and asset ownership without compromising your security. Plus, it facilitates connections with fellow users who have verified ownership of similar assets.

POMP's zkCertificate

Learn how to mint POMP's zkCertificate here.

To mint a zkCertificate for your chosen asset on POMP, you must possess a specified quantity of that asset in your wallet. POMP permits zkCertificate minting solely based on the assets held in your wallet. After minting the zkCertificate for your chosen asset, you can bond it to your AsMatch profile by either scanning the zkCertificate's QR code within the app or entering the proof key.

Verify your Assets Safely

By bonding zkCertificates, users gain a verified asset badge on their profile, showcasing their verified on-chain assets. This enhanced verification status significantly impacts the matching outcomes of users. Those with verified assets are more likely to connect with other verified asset holders who have undergone the same verification process. This fosters a safer and more dependable environment for establishing meaningful connections with genuine individuals.

Example Usage Scenario:

  1. User A decides to mint an Azuki NFT zkCertificate on POMP. This requires owning an Azuki NFT in their wallet address.

  2. After successfully minting their Azuki zkCertificate, User A can bond this credential to their AsMatch profile by scanning the zkCertificate's QR code within the app. Once bonded, users can choose to display a verified Azuki badge on their profile page. This badge visually signifies User A's ownership of an Azuki NFT, all while safeguarding their wallet address and personal information from other users.

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