Match Battery

Fostering Meaningful Connections


Our primary objective is to create an environment that encourages thoughtful interactions and genuine connections among our users. To achieve this, we have implemented the Match Battery system, which strategically limits the number of matches and messages a user can send. This intentional limitation serves as an incentive for users to prioritize quality over quantity, discouraging mass spamming and fostering more meaningful engagements.

How It Works

Upon registration, each user is equipped with a fully recharged Match Battery consisting of 24 points. These points represent the number of matches a user can make. As users engage in matches, the corresponding points are deducted from their Match Battery. This encourages users to consider their choices more carefully and focus on connections that have genuine potential.

Replenishing Match Battery

To ensure a fair and balanced experience, we have implemented a gradual recharge mechanism. Users' Match Battery automatically replenishes by 1 point every hour. This approach provides users with regular opportunities to make meaningful matches without overwhelming themselves or others with an excessive number of connections.

Increase your Match Battery

Users can increase their Match Battery by leveling up their profile, starting by bonding the zkPortrait.

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