Download the App

Follow these simple steps to get started with AsMatch:

Step 1: Download the AsMatch App

Download from Google Play or the App Store by scanning the QR code available on our website.

Alternatively, you can sign up directly on our website by going to 'Sign In' in the top right-hand corner and entering your email address.

Step 2: Create an Account

(Optional) Enter an Invite Code: Whilst registering an account, you can enter an invite code. Ask a friend who is already on AsMatch, or find an invite code posted daily by our community in Discord (go to the Invite Codes channel). Here's an invite code to save you some trouble: X3JMOI59.

Verify Your Email Address: Once you have entered a valid invite code, you need to provide a valid email address. A verification code will be sent to your email address. Enter the four-digit code to complete the registration process (check your spam folder if you don't receive the email).

Enter Your Nickname: You can choose any nickname you like.

And voila! You're now ready to start exploring the app.

Before you start matching with other users, it's essential to complete your profile. Adding additional information to your profile will increase your chances of receiving compatible and authentic matches.

(Optional) Step 3: Connect your Wallet

Go to our website and log into your AsMatch account. Once logged in, you should see a notification bar at the top asking you to connect your wallet. Simply click the notification and connect your desired MetaMask wallet address. This is a crucial step if you want to be whitelisted for our giveaways, future releases, or to verify that you’ve bonded a zkSBT for online tasks.

Note: Please choose your desired wallet address carefully. We do not allow users to connect different wallet addresses to their accounts afterwards.

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