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More Ways to Earn

Activity Points

We've always valued your activities, and now, there's more reason to engage with our app and our global AsMatch community. Along with our existing Activity Points system, we're introducing Bonus Points – a new way to significantly boost your score. Here's how you can ramp up your points and increase your next ASM Airdrop:

Activity Points:

  1. Upload photos: Earn 10 points each (up to 80 points).

  2. Bond POMP zkCertificate: 20 points each.

  3. Complete your profile: 10 points per addition.

  4. Daily login: Total of 45 points weekly.

  5. Trigger a secret keyword in chats: 10 points.

  6. Key matching: With a zkPortrait, earn points every time you buy and sell a Key. The higher your level, the more points you’ll earn from every key trade.

Bonus Points:

Bonus Points is a limited-time event allowing users to earn extra points in addition to their regular Activity Points. Stay informed about the next Bonus Points event by following our social media updates.

  1. Bond a zkPortrait: Earn 1000 points.

  2. Share your zkPortrait on Twitter by pressing the Share button on your zkPortrait. Earn 160 points after your invitee bonds a zkPortrait.

  1. Earn an extra 80 points after your invitee’s invitee bonds a zkPortrait.

  2. When your invitee bonds a zkPortrait and buys/sells a key, you’ll receive 16% of their points earned. When your invitee’s invitee buys/sells a key, you’ll receive an extra 8% of their points earned.

Community Events: We host weekly community events exclusively on Discord and X/Twitter where you can earn points!

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