Key Matching

Trade Keys & Earn Fees!

What is Key Matching?

Key Matching helps you bypass the waiting game of mutual swipes. It enables you to instantly match and directly message someone you’re interested in.

Ensure your AsMatch Wallet has sufficient funds before Key Matching! To deposit ETH in your AsMatch Wallet:

  1. Go to the wallet tab and press ‘Deposit’.

  2. Choose the token you’d like to deposit (in this case, ETH).

  3. Select the network that matches the deposit address.

  4. You can now send funds to your AsMatch wallet by copying the Deposit Address or scanning the QR code.

How Does Key Matching Work?

  1. Swipe up on a user's profile to view their Key price. Alternatively, go to the 'Explore' tab to view recommended users' keys.

  2. Purchase the key to start Key Matching.

  3. A detailed price breakdown, including Operation Fee and Trading Rebate, is provided before purchase.

  4. After purchase, head to the message tab to chat with your Key Match!

Selling Keys and Unmatching:

  1. To unmatch, visit the message tab, view the user’s profile, and select 'Sell Key'.

  2. Your refund will depend on the user’s current key price, excluding Rebate and Operational fees. After pressing ‘Confirm’, you will shortly receive your refund. Learn more about our Key Matching mechanics and points-earning formulas here.

Key Matching Rules:

  • Key owners receive a 5% rebate fee on every key transaction.

  • You can buy and sell keys even if you have already matched.

  • A Key Match is only cancelled when both users sell each other's keys.

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