What is ASM?

ASM represents your connections and interactions in our community. Every week, usersโ€™ total score is converted to ASM. Our Activity and Bonus Points Rules offer users a multitude of activities to participate in and consequently benefit from the ecosystem. This highlights our dedication to building a fair and rewarding SocialFi for the average user.

What is ASMโ€™s Utility?

Users earn ASM by completing an array of in-app activities that increase their score. However, ASM can be unlocked for use immediately once a user has minted and bonded their first zkPortrait on Manta Network's NPO platform. Once users have minted the zkPortrait on Manta Network's NPO platform, they can:

  • Instantly Unlock and Use ASM: Instantly accessible upon minting and bonding a zkPortrait on Manta Network's NPO platform.

  • Level Up: Level up your profile, which boosts your Match Battery and Score Rate. This means more matches and more points earned whenever a user completes a Key Match!

  • Exclusive Features: Access exclusive app features coming in Q1, 2024.

General ASM Statistics

Token Name


Token Symbol


Token Decimals


Token Type


Total Supply


Initial Circulating Supply



Manta Pacific

Token Distribution

ASM has a limited supply of 100,000,000 to maintain the token's long-term stability and value.

Mining: 50.0% This allocation is designed to reward those who actively participate in the AsMatch ecosystem through Key Matching and completing activities that earn points. Active users who contribute to the platform by doing these activities are fairly compensated, with their points converted to regular ASM Airdrops. This 50% allocation will be released over 2 years: 4,444,444 per month for the first 6 months, which halves every subsequent 6 months.

Airdrop: 13.0% A significant portion of ASM is dedicated to rewarding our community, especially early adopters. 3% has been distributed to early users of AsMatch, and 10% to active users of Manta Network and Linea as a token of appreciation for their support in our growth when we launched early this year. A portion of this 10% will also be distributed to Base users, the creators of, as a gesture of gratitude for their role in expanding SocialFi.

Ecosystem: 5.0% This fund is designated for strategic initiatives, partnerships, and development that enhance the AsMatch ecosystem. This is vital for the continuous growth and expansion of the platform's features and reach. It will be linearly released over 2 years.

Investors: 5.0% Early backers and investors receive this allocation for their pivotal role in funding and supporting AsMatch's initial stages. It's a token of appreciation (pun intended) and a means to ensure their continued involvement and support. This allocation will be released starting 12 months post-Token Generation Event (TGE), distributed monthly over 36 months.

Marketing: 3.0% Essential for promoting AsMatch and expanding our growing user base, this allocation will help us to fund marketing campaigns and partnerships that can enable our platform's continuous growth. It will be linearly released over 2 years.

Liquidity Pool: 5.0% Reserved for ensuring sufficient liquidity on exchanges, this allocation is crucial for smooth trading of $ASM, providing stability and reducing price volatility. This allocation will be fully released at TGE.

LP Mining: 7.0% This allocation supports liquidity providers who contribute to the stability and health of the token's ecosystem, rewarding them for their essential role in the platform's liquidity.

Team: 10.0% Allocated to the dedicated team behind AsMatch, this portion is meant to incentivize and reward the effort and innovation they bring to the platform. It aligns team interests with the long-term success of AsMatch. This portion will be released starting 3 months post-TGE, distributed monthly over 24 months.

Advisor: 2.0% Rewards advisors for their strategic guidance and expertise, contributing to AsMatch's long-term success. Released monthly over 6 months.

Vesting Schedule

Wallet DescriptionWallet AddressStatusVesting Schedule




100% locked at TGE, followed by a 2-year linear vesting




100% locked at TGE, 3 months cliff, followed by a 2-year linear vesting

LP Mining



100% locked at TGE, followed by a 3-year linear vesting




100% locked at TGE, followed by a 2-year linear vesting




100% locked at TGE, 12 months cliff, followed by a 3-year linear vesting




100% locked at TGE, followed by a 2-year linear vesting




100% locked at TGE, followed by a half-year linear vesting

AsMatch App

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As we move towards the much-anticipated TGE, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of our vesting schedule. The purpose behind this approach is to ensure a gradual and controlled distribution of tokens. Distributing all tokens at once could potentially lead to market volatility and an undesirable drop in value. However, by implementing a vesting strategy, we can stabilize the inflow and outflow of ASM, supporting the token's value stability over time.

Our vesting schedule is thoughtfully designed to release tokens over four years. At the TGE, 5% of the tokens in the Liquidity Pool will be available immediately. This cautious yet flexible approach ensures a steady and consistent release of tokens into the market. This allows for a range of strategic uses, including staking opportunities that we are excited to introduce soon.

At the outset, 81.5% of ASM tokens are locked, with a monthly unlocking cycle, which takes 6 months, 2 years, and 4 years to unlock. The number of tokens released through mining will halve every six months. This approach is designed to preserve the token's value over time.

Through this measured and sustainable method of distribution, we aim to maintain market equilibrium and uphold the long-term value of ASM for our community.

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