Unlock & Earn $ASM with your Privacy-enhanced DID

What are SBTs?

Soul-bound tokens (SBTs) are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are linked to a user's wallet and serve as a form of verifiable digital identity. They are untradeable and act as a unique identifier for users on the blockchain. However, with normal SBTs, the metadata contained within the token can be easily accessed by anyone on the public blockchain, potentially exposing sensitive user information.

To address this issue, AsMatch integrates zkSBTs launched by Manta Network and zkCertificates launched by POMP. These tokens offer a layer of privacy to protect user information, while still allowing users to privately verify their on-chain credentials and assets, such as tokens and NFTs.


The zkPortrait is an AI-generated content (AIGC) zero-knowledge soul-bound token (zkSBT) that can be minted on Manta Pacific, and bonded to your AsMatch profile via its Proof Key.

The zkPortrait serves as your AI-generated profile picture (PFP) and as a privacy-enhanced decentralized identity (DID) as it is soul-bound and cannot be traded amongst other users.

Users can mint the zkPortrait on Manta Network's NFT Private Offering (NPO) Platform and choose from an array of themes to customize their PFP.

Bonding the zkPortrait to your profile enables you to:

  • Unlock and use your earned ASM Airdrops.

  • Level up your profile.

  • Boost your Match Battery.

  • Access future features to improve your social & earning experience.

Follow our detailed tutorial on minting and bonding your zkPortrait.

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