Matching Algorithms

Meet your Web3 Match

Our platform utilizes several matching algorithms to connect users based on their unique preferences and characteristics. When users edit their profiles, they have the opportunity to provide specific information that significantly influences the matching process.

Token Preferences: Privately verify which tokens and NFTs you own by minting and bonding a POMP zkCertificate to your profile (follow this step-by-step tutorial). Your verified assets will appear on your profile with a verified tick. This information allows us to identify potential matches who share similar interests, making the connection more meaningful and relevant.

zkKYC Completion: Prove you are a real user by minting and bonding the zkBAB and zkGalxe Passport from Manta Network's NPO platform (follow this step-by-step tutorial). The more zkSBTs a user has bonded, the higher their trustworthiness and credibility. This information is factored into our matching algorithms to ensure that zkKYC users are connected with similar users who have demonstrated a similar level of commitment in verifying their proof of personhood.

We will continue to refine and add additional matching algorithms, so stay tuned.

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