Under Development (come back soon!)

We are committed to continuously evolving and enhancing our app to provide our community with the best possible user experience.

Our roadmap is a guide that outlines our plans for future development, which may include new additions and changes. We encourage you to regularly check this page to stay up to date with the exciting progress we're making.

2023 Q1

  • Launch App on Google Play and Apple Store (via Testflight)

  • Allow users to connect zkSBTs

  • Community building on Twitter and Discord

2023 Q2

  • Score System launched

  • Tokenomics finalized

2023 Q3

  • zkPortrait Pass launch

  • App Store V1 Launch

  • UI and UX Revamp

  • Mass marketing & growth

2023 Q4

  • zkPortrait launch

  • Key Matching launch

  • ASM Token launch

  • AsMatch re-brand

2024 Q1

  • Transition to first Social L3 on Manta Pacific powered by Polygon CDK and Celestia DA

  • SendingMe: Decentralized messaging

  • Particle Network: Account Abstraction

  • Capx: IOU Token Distribution

  • SPACE ID: Domain Name Service integration

  • In-app Marketplace

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