Maximize your $ASM Earnings

Users can stake their $ASM and start earning impressive yields, including $MANTA.

We've allocated 7,000,000 $ASM and 48,000 $MANTA (provided by Manta Network as part of their ecosystem) to incentivize users to engage in staking and farming on our app.

This initiative rewards early participants with higher APR, offering substantial yields for those who stake their assets early. Take advantage of this limited opportunity and maximize your earnings!

Stake $ASM and Farm $ASM & $MANTA

Navigate to the 'Farm' tab by going to the token icon in the menu. Here, you can discover the $ASM farm pools, the current APRs, and the total staked amounts in each pool.

Both zkPortrait and non-zkPortrait holders can take advantage of the generous APRs and start farming $ASM & $MANTA today!

How to Stake $ASM

  1. Select your desired pool and hit 'Stake Now'.

  2. Specify your stake amount and lock-up period (the minimum stake amount is 100 ASM). A larger stake and longer lock-up period translate to higher APRs and yields. Opting for a longer lock-up period (90+ days) entitles you to farm $MANTA alongside your $ASM earnings.

  1. Confirm by pressing 'Stake'. To view your yield, tap 'Harvest' in your chosen pool, and select 'Harvest All' to add the yield to your AsMatch Wallet balance. You can harvest at any time, and your harvest will be settled within 1 hour.

  2. Ready to unstake? Select 'Harvest' and choose to unstake, then wait for the lock-up period to conclude to access your funds.

How to Maximize Earnings with AsMatch Staking?

Wondering how to boost your earnings? Here's a straightforward breakdown:

Your daily earnings are calculated based on this formula:

Daily Earnings = (Your Staked Amount * Yield Coefficient * Daily $ASM/$Manta Pool Release) / Total Yield Coefficients of All Stakers.

APR = Daily Rate of Return * 365.

Lock-up Period (Days)Yield Coefficient











Daily Release

$ASM Pool




Key Points:

  1. The earlier you stake your ASM, the higher your earnings will be. Being an early staker gives you a head start in maximizing returns.

  2. The longer you keep your ASM staked, the more you earn. Extended staking periods result in higher income.

  3. In our staking program, the total $ASM and $MANTA rewards are set to be fully mined over the course of 3 years and 6 months respectively.

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