zkKYC Verification

Expanding the Depth of User Verification

To further strengthen user credibility, we incentivize users to complete our zkKYC procedure by bonding either the zkBAB or zkGalxe Passport (available on Manta Network's NPO platform) to their profile.

Mint & Bond the zkBAB and zkGalxe Passport

Learn how to mint Manta Network's zkSBTs here.

To mint Manta Network's zkBAB or zkGalxe Passport, users must have already minted the original BAB or Galxe Passport SBT. Typically, minting the original SBT entails completing a comprehensive KYC procedure from the respective issuer. Bonding either zkSBT to your AsMatch profile will demonstrate successful KYC verification while preserving your private information.

Learn how to bond your zkSBT here.

Verify your AsMatch Profile

By bonding the zkBAB and zkGalxe Passport, users amplify themselves to the community as real, verified users and will receive a verified tick next to their name. This elevated verification status directly influences their matching outcomes. Verified users are more likely to be paired with other trustworthy users who have taken the same verification steps. This fosters a safer and more reliable environment for meaningful connections with real individuals.

Example Usage Scenario:

  1. User A mints a zkBAB (Binance Account Bound Token) on Manta Network's NPO Platform. Minting zkBAB requires the user to have previously minted Binance's BAB token using the same wallet address, which necessitates the completion of Binance's KYC procedure.

  2. Once User A successfully mints their zkBAB, they can effortlessly add this credential to their AsMatch profile by scanning the zkBAB QR code Proof Key, available on Manta Network's NPO Platform. After successfully bonding their zkBAB, a visible zkBAB badge appears on the user's profile page. This visually signifies that User A has passed Binance's KYC verification without revealing any Binance-associated wallet address or personal information to other users.

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